Pioneer Day Quilt Show : Vintage

RCHC Pioneer Day Quilt Show: Vintage

April 18, 2020

Upload, or bring picture of each quilt entered.

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RELEASE STATEMENT: I hereby acknowledge that I have received and read all rules and regulations (the “Rules”) of
the Pioneer Day Quilt Show (the “Show”) sponsored by the Russell County Historical Commission to be held at Fort
Mitchell Historic Site, Russell County, Alabama, on April 18, 2020 . I understand and agree to abide by the Rules.
In consideration of the opportunity to enter a quilt in the Show, I hereby forever release, indemnify and hold
harmless Fort Mitchell Historic Site, the Russell County Historical Commission (including its members and
volunteers), the Show committee, event sponsors, or any other individual (individually a “Released Party” and
collectively the “Released Parties”) from and against any and all claims and/or legal proceedings arising out of or
relating to (i) the theft, loss or damage of the Show entry covered by this form, and (ii) any and all loss, damage or
injury to any other person or property caused by the minor entrant and/or me. I further acknowledge and agree
that the Released Parties are entitled to rely on this Release Statement in accepting each and every entry in the
Show by me or the minor entrant.

ex: red, white, blue
*if known
*if known
name of person receiving the quilt