Fort Facts

Trail Marker Trees

Have you ever heard of a trail-marker tree? These were the trees which were fixed by native Americans to point theway along a trail. Fort Mitchell is in the center of what once was the Creek Indian Nation. Many trails existed in the areafor hunting, trading, and communicating between villages and towns. It is said…

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A Dueling Ground

Back in the early days at the fort, early 1800s, quite a few duels took place on these grounds. These episodes were written about in the local Columbus, Ga newspaper. At this time, Columbus was just beginning to grow and events like this were newsworthy. Since Fort Mitchell was near the border between Alabama and…

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The Old Federal Road

The Old Federal Road was originally a postal route to improve travel and communication between Washington and New Orleans. After a treaty in 1805 between the Creek Nation and the Federal government was signed, the road was begun and followed an old Indian trade route to the Tombigbee River. It came across Georgia into what…

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